14 June 2013

Brew Class: Chemex, with David from The Abbotsford Club

Brew Class: Chemex
The Abbotsford Club
(Coffee Supreme)
28-36 Grosvenor St  
Abbotsford VIC 3067

It was great attending a brew class this morning at The Abbotsford Club at Coffee Supreme. David ran though the equipment and techniques required and demonstrated the process from beginning to end. I'm so pleased I came along - like anything the first time is a bit daunting but David insists that practice makes perfect and that the Chemex is user friendly even for beginners. As always I will let the pictures do the talking:

The lab-inspired chemex is a thing of beauty to behold...

David talks about the grind and the 'recipe'

Folding the filter paper...

Fold and fold again and open the cone to place in mouth of the Chemex...

The paper must be soaked through with boiled water to warm the equipment and to remove the papery taste from the filter.

Keep the hot water in the Chemex until ready to start brewing to keep it all hot...

Discard the water and add 30gm ground coffee (medium 'sand-like' grind) to center of the filter cone.

Soak all the coffee with water (ideally 92'C). Pour just enough to give a good soaking.

Agitate to ensure all coffee is soaked. Allow to soak in at least 30 seconds until coffee loses the wet look.

Now pour remainder of water (about 500gm/500ml)

Another brief agitation to ensure even coverage. Once water has filtered through discard filter paper and grinds.

And there you have it....

Time for the taste test.

The coffee is light and clean yet full flavoured. 

Time for attendee's to have a go.

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